Charlotte Smithson

Articles and Press
Flora Magazine, April 2020
'The impressive use of space is one of Charlotte’s key notes. She believes in the power of space to make the flowers and stems speak louder, encouraging viewers of her artwork to observe and appreciate the undervalued treasures found in nature.' Judith Blacklock, Flora Magazine
Hello Magazine, 21 May 2019
'Artist Charlotte Smithson's Come What May installation may well inspire people to bring wildflowers both inside and outside their homes, with a unique display suspended in glass test tubes.' Chloe Best, Hello Magazine
The Daily Telegraph, 18 May 2019
Placing plants like cow parsley, cleavers and fennel into test tubes forces us to re-evaluate the familiar, a sobering experience in a time of catastrophic decline in wild flowers, species loss and climate change.' Caroline Beck, The Daily Telegraph
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